A final update from your President

Jack's final update as President and what happens next.

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Jack Tymon, your Union President

It is with a very heavy heart that this is my final update as I will be stepping down from the role of Union President in November.

It has been such a wonderful experience to serve the students in my home city. The privilege of being elected by my fellow students will stay with me forever and I thank you for the opportunity.

Derby has and always will be my favourite place in the world, so being involved in work which will transform the experience of students studying here has been wonderful. 

This isn't a decision I have made lightly, but after being offered an ideal position which will support my future career in broadcasting, I must pursue this opportunity.

I'm encouraged by the response to the work I have managed to achieve already. Seeing the feedback from students who have accessed the free period products I have provided will leave a lasting impression with me.

I can already see that huge progress has been made on some of my manifesto pledges, but I am aware that I will be leaving without the work being fully completed. To ensure legacy of my work the team have committed to picking up important projects which mean a lot to myself, and to students. My role will be absorbed by the team, and I have ultimate faith that they will continue to strive for the change Derby students want.

I want to thank you for this opportunity and know this year will be special for you. After being told during the fresher’s fair this this year was the best ever freshers, I know you will have the best year ever too.

I would like to thank my fellow officers; Owen, Beth and Nina for their friendship and collaboration during the previous months and wish them the best for the upcoming year.

Your President,
Jack Tymon x


  1. Can the Union appoint a new President?

    Constitutionally, the Union has no option but to divide the duties amongst the remaining officers. Our standing orders only give provision for holding a by-election for an Officer Trustee position when the position is vacated before the start of the academic year. Should an officer leave before taking up the role, or over the summer we would have the option to hold a snap election, however our option to do this is removed once term is underway. However, after consultation with the remaining officers, Owen, Nina and Beth I have total confidence in their abilities to complete the year successfully.

  2. How will the duties of President be delegated?

    My role will be absorbed by the team, and I have ultimate faith that they will continue to strive for the change Derby students want. The University have agreed to all of our proposals to substitute Jack for another Officer in specific meetings. Beth will pick up Jack’s duties as University Governor and Owen will assume his role on the College Skills Committee. Additiolly, we will be  using student officers with interests in specific areas for certain crucial issues, though we expect this to be minimal given the President has no portfolio to maintain. For reassurance there are no decisions that the President takes in isolation and similarly no sign off responsibilities that will affect us operationally.

  3. Where can I send my student feedback?

    Despite Jack standing down as the president his email will be monitored if you send email directly to him at:president@derbyunion.co.uk

    However you can make any comments or suggestions to the union as a whole via info@derbyunion.co.uk or using the ideas forum

  4. Where can I find out more about the role of President

    The Union of Students is a democratic organisation to represent the students of the University of Derby. To do this, we have to elect students into officer and representative positions with specific tasks in order to best represent our members. The nominations for president for the year 22/23 will be open in February 2022.You can find more information here https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/elections/


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