An update from Vice President (Activities)

VP Activities, Beth Baxtrem, brings updates on her manifesto points, RAG week and student safety.

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Over the last few weeks, I have been getting up to lots of wonderful things! As an officer team we had our first Scrutiny Panel which was a great experience, on top of feeding back what we have done, it was lovely to chat to students and we received a lot of useful feedback and ideas from everyone involved which was amazing!

I have also been working very hard on my manifesto points since then and feel as if I'm getting very close to some wins, especially surrounding my mental health point. As a team we are constantly working together to enhance this joint campaign we are running this year and for me, a big win has been securing a Mental Health First Aid course which I have been trying so hard to do. I also appreciate how honest students are with me and they tell me what they want, because that's my job at the end of the day and having such engaged students is extremely helpful.

Furthermore, I would like to praise everyone that got involved in RAG week! RAG fest was amazing, I really enjoyed taking part in the Darts Society stall and winning some free sunglasses! I also enjoyed pieing the Netballers and watching Men's Rugby shave their beards off to mark the start of Movember, it was a really great day. Then on to the first ever Blorange Wednesday, which I hope is an event that continues because it was a great success. Aside from raising money for charity, it also provided the biggest crowds I have seen this year! That winning Wednesday atmosphere was back and hopefully it is here to stay. Finally, a big thank you is needed to the RAG committee themselves for helping all week, lets hope the next one is as successful as this one.

Finally, I would like to address the pressing matter of student safety. In the media at the moment, I have seen a big push on safety on nights out as I'm sure you all have to. I would like to thank the team around me for being so supportive and helping us put on a student safety event at One Friar Gate Square which was a great success! Thanks to our partners at Stonegate and the policing society for coming along and supporting!

Have a great week everyone x


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