Disability Officer campaigns for improved access to eTexts

Your Disability Officer is championing better access to learning resources for all students

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Your Union Officer, Andrew Wilson is forging new links with organisations like Kortext, to ensure that students are able to access resources when they need them, in the format that they require.

Andrew is an undergraduate law student, and he is a pioneer in championing support and fair treatment for students – and, with that, comes his passion for eTextbooks. 

As part of his manifesto to be elected as Disability Officer, Andrew wanted to fight for the opportunity to have eLearning and eTextbooks available for every student.  

Accessibility is incredibly important because it relates to how people can understand, navigate, and interact with electronic information whilst being active, contributing members of the digital world. 

Whilst some university course leaders may feel that they don’t rely on the digital world, all courses involve digital aspects – from the university VLE, through to how students submit their final submissions.  

As a student with several disabilities such as High Functioning ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, and nerve conditions, that have the potential impact his student experience, , Andrew finds eTextbooks a better solution than print as he does not have to carry around heavy textbooks, nor hold them, which can be painful for him. 

“Rather than carry 10 books to a lecture, all I’ve got to do is just carry my laptop.”  – Andrew Wilson 

Using the Kortext Arcturus platform, Andrew can access the texts that are essential to his course, and the whole host of tools that come with them, including Kortext’s gold standard accessibility features, such as the option to change the page colour and font to suit your needs as a user. 

Whilst demonstrating the ease of the platform, Andrew mentioned his font was set to Open Dyslexic. 

“It’s so easy to use – it’s remarkable."

Read more here: https://www.kortext.com/blog/blog-university-leaders/access-and-accessibility/


Carrie Cluskey
7:28am on 9 Aug 22 I agree with this statement; It's hard enough to try to better yourself in life anyway; throw in a disability, making bettering ourselves even harder.
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