End of year achievements

It’s been a phenomenal year working to represent and improve your student experience. And after being re-elected, I’m looking forward to continuing the work I’ve been doing.

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Hi everyone, I’m Jack McGuinness, the Vice President (Welfare) for the Union of Students, the organisation that represents you and your needs. It’s been a phenomenal year working to represent and improve your student experience. And after being re-elected for the 2024-2025 academic year within the same capacity, I’m looking forward to continuing the work I’ve been doing.

Community Pantry

The cost-of-living crisis has had a significant impact on student experience. And after seeing this, the Nursing and Midwifery Officer put forward a campaign on the Ideas Forum, gathering student voice and support for the development of a community pantry. Taking forward the support for this idea, with the largest number of votes on the forum in its history, the I investigated locations for the space, implementing it into Union quarter at Kedleston Road, providing students in need with the opportunity the resources they need. And, because of its location, opposite Info Point, those accessing the pantry have easy access to the Union of Students’ Advice Service.

Student Safety

Student experience doesn’t end when students leave University sites, it continues on into the city. And it doesn’t end when the day ends, it carries on into the night as well. The Nighttime economy is a prime example of how student life carries on outside of formal University times, with students going into the city centre, into clubs and bars, and attending Union of Students’ social events with societies and sports clubs. I’ve has been well aware of this. And with their manifesto point on student safety, the I’ve developed a Nighttime Economy Action plan, allowing Union of Students Executive officers to visit Union of Students’ society and sports club social events to ensure students are safe. On top of this, the VP (Welfare) was invited to represent the views and needs of University of Derby students at the Police and Crime Commission Roundtable, meeting with Police and Crime Commissioner and the Derbyshire Member of Parliament. Because of this, the I’ve was later invited to represent the student body at a residents meeting with the Derbyshire Member of Parliament, representatives of the local police force and the Head of Student Engagement at the University of Derby.


Bus stop seating

Students with disabilities often find it difficult waiting for the University U1 and U2 buses to find their way back home. A student on the Ideas Forum recognised this, posting their idea to have seating at the Kedleston Road bus stops, allowing them a place to sit whilst they wait. I saw this idea and took taking it forward with the Service Delivery Manager and the Interim Assistant Director of Estates to discuss its implementation. All parties agreed on the proposal to have a short term, supplementary solution of basic benches for seating, whilst a longer term, multi-year design of the seats is being produced. With the next tenure starting soon, I look forward to continuing and expanding on the work I’ve done for student safety, further promoting our SafeZone app and working with the next Derbyshire members of Parliament, along with the Police and Crime Commissioner and the city council, to ensure our students feel safe studying in Derby.