Euros 2024 calming techniques

VP (Welfare) here to give some tips for calming techniques for the 2024 Euros.

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A photo taken from behind of someone watching a football match in a pub.

Hi everyone, I’m Jack McGuinness, VP (Welfare) here at the Union of Students. With the Euros well underway, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce Derbyshire Constabulary's 'Walk Away' campaign. Because of the passion that people have for the game and their team, people can often feel angered at a loss of a game. Knowing this, I wanted to share some tips to calm those feelings and help you 'walk away' from situations that could escalate.

Controlling your breathing.

Taking five long, slow and deep breaths has been shown to calm the nervous system, lowering blood pressure and slowing down heart rates to normal levels, calming any stress you may be feeling, easing anger. BetterHealth have shared some information on how breathing can help alieviate stress.

Go for a walk.

Mind, the mental health charity in the UK recommends stepping outside or going for a walk in spaces with lots of plants or greenery. Mind have shared some pointers on how nature benefits mental health.

Stop drinking alcohol, switch to water or a soft drink.

Because of the nature of alcohol being a depressant, it disrupts the chemicals and processes in the brain, making, notes, feelings such as stress and anger less inhibited. Drinkaware have shared some information on alcohol and stress.

Focus on something else.

Constantly thinking about something that makes you angry only makes you angrier, escalating the issue even more. If need be, remove yourself from the situation for a break to allow yourself to focus on something else. There are lots of resources available to help you manage anger and get help


Football is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate, so be sure to look after your mates and notice any signs they’re getting angry with someone, with these tips from the Walk Away campaign.