Introducing Jack, your President

Elected to represent you this year, Union President, Jack tells us a little bit about himself

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Jack, your Union President

Ten questions (and answers) to get to know your President, Jack, a little bit better.

  1. Blends order Cappuccino
  2. Lessons learnt in lockdown? How important spending time with my family is and how a good walk can improve your day
  3. Pearl of wisdom you wish you'd been able to tell your younger self? That it all works out in the end
  4. Describe yourself in 3 words Enthusiastic, Confident and Hard-Working
  5. Favourite fictional character and why? John McClain (Bruce Willis in Die Hard) He is unflappable and extremely calm under pressure. Also, even when saving the day he still maintains a witty sense of humour!
  6. If I gave you a tenner right now, what would you do with it? Save it for a Rainy Day
  7. Dream holiday destination I can’t pick just one. Give me a month off work and Interrail pass so I can see lots of places
  8. Favourite sandwich filling Chicken and Bacon
  9. If a song was to play every time you entered a room, what would it be? Dancing Shoes – Arctic Monkeys
  10. Who would star as you in a film of your life? Freddie Fox

If you want to chat to Jack, email or visit his Facebook profile


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