Re-introducing the Student Rep Scheme

Check out what's changed and what's stayed the same with the Student Representation Scheme- it's never been easier to be a Student Rep

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Some things have stayed the same but some things have changed! First off, let's get down to basics.

The Student Representation Scheme or what is affectionately called the Rep Scheme is run by the Union of Students and aims to ensure that every year of every course has a Student Representative.

Student Representatives, or 'Student Reps', are elected every year by their cohort, and then trained and supported through the Union.

You may have previously known Student reps as Programme Reps, however last year’s reps didn’t feel that this was the best name for them and through our AGM voted to have it changed.

Besides the name change there has been some more major improvements to the scheme - this is the first year of our brand new Academic Representation policy as well as the amazing Student Voice Portal.

Rep Policy
Academic Representation Policy

The Academic Representation Policy is a collaborative policy between the Union and the University and it fully embeds the Rep Scheme in the University’s structure, while protecting the time of Student Reps.

Students Reps are no longer required to attend PCMs (Programme Committee Meetings), although they are invited and more than welcome to if they want to. Instead, they attend a RM (Rep Meeting) which is only an hour long and happen roughly 7 days before a PCM, jus 3 times per academic year. Here they can give their cohort’s feedback through a more informal conversations- actions are then logged and action through the Student Voice Portal.

Rep Portal
Student Voice Portal!

The Student Voice Portal is a massive breakthrough in how we gather student feedback, track trends within it and make sure students hear about the results of the feedback!

As the name says it is an online portal, easily accessible through both desktop and phones. Once a piece of feedback is logged, the person responsible to action it receives an email and if they don’t action it within a certain time period, reminder emails are sent as well. Once the action is complete, it also makes sure the person raising the action finds out the outcome.

It’s never been easier to log and keep track of your feedback.

Reps also register through the Portal, once they’ve been elected.

If you want to become a Student Rep, speak to your Programme Leader and ask them to facilitate a Rep election.

Head to the Change section of our website to find the Academic Representation Policy in all its glory.


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