Society Chair Talks About Elections

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Union Officer Team 2020/21

University Students of 2020/21

I hope we are all well rested after a very difficult Christmas and New Year break! However, the year continues. As we pull together as a union of student to battle yet another semester of being solely online due to the barriers that Corona Virus is causing. I would like to take a moment to show appreciation for all the students doing their upmost to ensure that the university student experience continues even through these difficult times! You are an asset to the student body and are an inspiration to all, not just to your fellow students but to the management of the union as well. Thank you!

Moving forward I hope that the new lifestyle changes, of staying virtual, will not change after the pandemic, but rather add to the social toolkit at our disposal. The learning curve of how we stay in touch as a united community can only strengthen as we regain face-to-face interactions between one another. This includes commuting students, who are unable to attend in person, to be involved in social gatherings of both societies and sports. I can imagine the full-time officers of the next academic year would agree when we say, let’s not lose the online connections that we have gained. Rather let it be added to what the students can get involved with.

It is, however, that time of year again when we need to start looking towards the future, finding the motivation to give that extra boost for our academic grades and make sure the social life and study life as students is balanced! Having said this please take into consideration the invaluable efforts of your committees, PTOs and FTOs. we have needed them this year more than ever. Which brings me to Elections!!

Regardless of the individual you are, at the union of students, everyone is an asset to the student body in their own right. Becoming a role in any social circle or position next year will help your future by adding quality experience and internal training to your CV. But also gives you an opportunity to give back to the student body. This could be through helping your society/club/student-led service flourish as we potentially could leave the COVID-19 Era in the rear-view mirror. Or maybe even help the Union implement change in a certain aspect by running for the relevant PTO position.

Should anyone have any questions about particular roles, please do get in touch with the current position for more information. If you wish to run for 'Union Society Chair' please do contact me for more information. And finally of course, as always, the Union voice team is there to help you with any questions about the elections in general.

PTO and FTO Elections

Nominations: Close at 11.59pm on Friday 12 February 2021
Polls: Open at 12.00pm on Thursday 4 March 2021

Help us, Help you, Help the students that follow. Make change!

Stay Safe,

Elliot Horne
Union Society Chair 2020/21,



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