Statement from VP (Welfare) on AFAF

A statement outlining the event being held by AFAF, why the University are allowing it to go ahead, and the support the Union and University provides.

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Jack Mcguinness

Hi everyone, I’m the Vice President (Welfare) here at the Derby Union of Students, the charitable organisation that represents the voice of the University of Derby students.

Recently, we’ve been made aware of a viewing of the film “Adult Human Female” being held by the Academics For Academic Freedom on one of the University of Derby sites.

This organisation is not part of the University or the Union of Students.

Because of the topic, some students have concerns about it going ahead and why it’s been allowed at all.

The UK Government have developed a piece of legislation called the Freedom of Speech Act, which mandates universities and unions to promote freedom of speech that is within the law, specifically outlining how Universities “provide an environment to advance new ideas, encourage productive debate and challenge conventional wisdom”. And “All staff and students are entitled to teach, learn and research in a culture that values vigorous debate, including in relation to difficult or contentious or uncomfortable topics.”

With that, the AFAF group organised the event and will facilitate a debate, presenting perspectives from both sides of the topic.

I’m fully aware that the topic causes concern and distress amongst our students, who, thanks to the great community we have here at Derby, care for each other and I can’t be happier or prouder about that.

If you are or know of anyone who’s mental health has been affected by this, the Student Services are available. You can access student services here: 01332 593000 / Our own Advice service is also available and can be accessed by booking in via or

The Union Gender Officer and LGBTQ+ Society Committee have developed a presentation on trans identity and transphobia. Dates for the presentation are being finalised, I will update when confirmed.