Student Mental Health Working Group

Join your Union Officers in a the first Student mental health working group.

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Join your Union Officers in a the first Student mental health working group where we discuss your needs as students in relation to well-being and mental health Jack, Beth and Owen all have several manifesto points which they were elected on which looks at how they can safegaurd the mental health of students and they want to ensure thet their work is being done for students, with students.

As an officer group they are extremely passionate about students mental health and included separate points in our manifesto that all linked to mental health, we want to ensure we are doing what the students want and need, alongside using your creative ideas as we are certain you all have more ideas that even they can't think of. They have set up a Mental Health working group which will be a safe space where you can discuss with your Union officers elements of well-being and how you can have the best time at University. They are meeting next Wednesday (6th October) at 11.00am the Union info-point and moving to a room. They have picked this date to correspond with World Mental Health Day, Sunday 10th October. They are hosting the working group via teams.

They plan to meet once a month, attendance is not compulsory every month but they would love to see you when they can. Can't wait to see you there. Jack, Beth and Owen xxx


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