Top Tips for Student Parents

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Hi All,

My name is Kellyann, and I'm your Union's Part Time Officer (Student Parents), I wanted to reach out to you all as we have all had such change thrust upon us that it really is a time to reach out and communicate in other ways.

We have all just completed our first week of the children being off school (although some may have finished earlier) so I hope you’re reflecting and finding positives that you have achieved in that week.

I am a single parent to my nine-year-old boy and I am trying to write my dissertation. I created a timetable for him to try to mirror his working week at school, I put loads of internet-based courses ready for him on the iPad, I printed sheets out and we were all ready to go. Monday, he did brilliant, did lots of work and I felt proud but, the rest of the week he didn’t have the drive to keep doing it and struggled to concentrate for long. Monday evening came the news that we were to stay in our homes more and I found that I didn’t have the drive to do my work let alone urge my son to do his, I felt I needed a day of not doing much to process this information and what it means. I realised as well that when the kids are at school, they have their whole class with them who are also doing the same work and there is an element of competitiveness between them that keeps them going. I also don’t know the answers to some of his maths work Teehee. We took two days off doing any work and I have now bounced back with more relaxed days such he has longer to complete things, if he wants to just chalk in the garden, that’s fine, we don’t need to rigidly stick to any timetables. I wanted to ensure that we look after our mental health more than anything so here are some tips:

  • Try to leave the house once a day. You may think you’re fine staying it or its easier to stay in but trust me, you need to walk in some fresh air, it really does help and can use up some pent-up energy.
  • If you can, try to do the Joe Wicks workout on YouTube, you can do live workout at 9.00am or, we don’t always want to exercise first thing so we do the exercise later in the day because they’re always available. He will cheer you up too.
  • Try to Facetime friends and family. It’s so easy to become isolated within your home and family. Facebook Messenger offers a Facetime that lets you play games with who you’re taking to and put silly faces on while you talk. WhatsApp also offers videocall facilities. House Party is also a fun app for chatting to others but this does try to connect you with lots of people so it’s not for children under 13.
  • It is so easy to get into the habit of drinking alcohol when we know we won’t be going out the next day. This can make you feel sluggish and you can start to feel down. Instead there are so many yummy drinks out there and low alcohol wines. Shops now sell chocolate tea! I would also recommend delicious chai tea.
  • I have been cleaning loads whilst off and I’ve painted my landing (ahem, whilst still working on my dissertation of course). It has made me love my home again and it feels nicer to work in. it’s also a good workout and I got my son helping me.
  • I need time to myself but do not like it just to be when my son goes to bed, he also likes time away from me so, if he wants to watch TV in his room for a bit we agree a time limit and discuss what he watches. He sometimes watches anime and the characters are very exaggerated in their emotions and how they talk to each other so I try not to let him watch them constantly because I have seen that it does have an effect on him. I have been letting him Facetime his friends and they play on their switch’s together in the evening but I make sure he has some nights off or, he can go on but he has to play a different game other than Fortnite. He phones his friends and they do their work that they were set from school together. He also goes to bed like he has school the next day because I know, if he wakes up tired and grumpy, we are not going to have a good day together.
  • Be kind to yourself. Lessen that pressure on yourself, you don’t need to be ‘on it’ every day. Be aware of what you have control over and changes you can make and what is out of your control. Remember this is going to go away and it is only temporary.
  • With regards to uni work, now that we know how it is at home you can find pockets of time to get some work done. A plan may help to break down exactly what you need to do and when you think may be best to factor this in to your busy, kiddie filled days.

And of course, this is what works for us, but all families are different with different amounts of children, of different ages and with different needs. Sharing your ideas and tips on the Student Parents' Facebook Page would be lovely and we can all get tips from each other and support each other.

Some meal ideas

I get my son helping with making dinner sometimes.

Resources for helping your young ones to learn whilst off school

Minecraft have released some free levels for people to access

All Curriculum Resources for all Key stages Resources and links for all areas of the Curriculum List of Education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings. Resources for pupils BBC Bitesize Resources for each year group Home learning packs are available for free and comprehensive. Home learning created by South Norwood School with resources for all ages
from @SarahFarrellKS2
Maths, SPAG and Timestable challenge cards
BBC iPlayer
In the event of school closure BBCiplayer will be a daily educational programme for different key stages.
Literacy Literacy prompts Literacy tools Literacy tools Poetry blog Activities to support reading Reading warmups (short pieces of text with questions) Free children’s classics, pdf and audiobooks Phonics and resources
https://www.phonicss Phonics games, planning: free to use this month
Actor Josh Gad is reading books to children every night
Maths Online timestables – there is a free trial up to 22nd may
Maths resources Links to Maths video resources
Science Science resources for EYFS Questions for each year group NASA has made entire collection of images, sounds and videos available online.
National Archives, including: Online lessons for different periods of history.… Secondary History resources – could be of interest. Care with content List of free virtual tours of world museums and galleries
Art Youtube art videos
Instagram People to follow for ideas for things to do at home.
Ideas for non-screen learning activity Daily schedule for variety of learning Non Screen ideas Free Craft ideas, recipes and worksheets 50 ideas to try at home
Mindfulness, calming, fine and gross motor-skills, ideas for messy play.
A range of resources.
Social Stories about Corona virus for any child who is anxious. 100 things to do indoors – free download Free downloads from yoga and wellbeing provider Materials for developing health habits – PSHE links Home workouts for children by the body coach
Corona Virus – information for children EBUG learning – interactive materials for learning about the immune system. Corona virus based information Worksheet with key questions about Coronavirus
Home timetable Home visual timetable

I hope this all helps, please keep in touch and keep talking

Kellyann xx
PTO Student Parents


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