Why is Sustainability important to me?

An introduction to your new Sustainability Officer.

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Sustainability is important to me because I believe that without it the planet will struggle.

Man-made materials have been created over the years that are not only destroying the oceans, wildlife, ecosystems and the biodiversity that surrounds us, but it will start to impact global populations such as the likes of me and you. As the new Sustainability Officer for the Union of Students I want to create an allotment area at the Kedleston Road site for students, visitors, and staff to be able to appreciate how important sustainability is to biodiversity.

Food wastage is another area of issue at the university. Food can be recycled and made into compost for either the allotment area that will be created or food can be sold on at a discounted rate to members of the public through an app such as 'too good to go'.

Plastic at the university is another concern of mine. To tackle this issue I have thought of ideas around using machines that dispense multiple drinks into a biodegradable cup instead of buying another bottle of water from a vending machine or a shop. More water fountain points could be placed around the university too.

This is just a starting point of what I want achieve and I very much look forward to doing these tasks and helping to make a difference for the University of Derby!


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