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A collection of promotional boards depicting LGBTQ and Black History allies and role models

We are looking for amazing students who want to put themselves forward to become role models and allies for the liberation and celebration events we have planned. With the new academic year fast approaching, we are working with the University of Derby to promote two key areas of visibility during the Autumn Term.

These are:

  • Black History Month – October 2019
  • Disability History Month – November 2019

We want to focus on and celebrate our own students and staff who represent these protected characteristics during these events. One of the keys ways we want to do this is through creating a greater sense of visibility throughout the organisation with visible Role Models. Visibility is hugely important for people who identify as having protected characteristics, as through greater visibility we can create safer spaces for conversations and exploration, and we can share narratives with all our staff, students and applicants that we celebrate the whole of who they are. Through visibility we can also work to normalise that which huge sections of our country and world still see as abhorrent and abnormal. We do this however, knowing that through greater visibility can also come greater discrimination, so we want you to step up and ensure all students are represented - and feel welcome and safe at the University of Derby.

The aim of the programme is to:

‘Promote visible representation and support for ALL students and staff across the University of Derby’.

This will be done by having photographs of students and staff who identify as Role Models visible on all university sites, by being on screens, posters and within a booklet available to staff and students. The Role Models will be visible to show how actively and visibility inclusive the university environment.

The programme is not to replace the excellent counselling, advice and guidance services available within and external to the university, but to show visible support for equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Would you like to be a role model for:

  • Black History Month?
  • Disability History Month?

You would not only be a role model for this particular month, but you would also become part of the whole Allies and Roles University Programme

Send your expression of interest to:

Emma Taylor, Support and Inclusion Manager –

Tom Wood, Union Advisor –

Deadline Wednesday 18th September


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