I love myself because...

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As a Union, we recently held a Valentines Day stall on the 14th February, as part of our #haveanopinion campaign, to encourage staff and students to share a reason why they love themselves, to promote self-love, confidence and happiness on a day which often can spark mixed emotions.

Below are some of the reasons that our staff and students gave:

  • I feel happy and contented
  • I’m stronger than I ever thought possible
  • I got my degree, even though things were against me
  • I use my creativity to help people
  • (I’m) over 40 and still fabulous!
  • I care about the people around me
  • That I am a true believer of God
  • I’m a vegan
  • I never give up
  • I have a massive collection of memes saved for every situation
  • I’m a law abiding citizen
  • I get hit pretty hard but I keep bouncing back!
  • I’m still trying

We had over 50 staff and students get involved with our stand to express and share self-appreciation and pride- a great way to celebrate!

Keep an eye out for other #haveanopinion events throughout the year.

With love from,

Scarlet and the Advice Team x


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