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Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to represent you, your course or a group of people? It’s time to give them some recognition for all their hard work.

This year, in line with the #KnowYourRep campaign, I have set out a campaign designed to allow students in a representational capacity to get the credit they deserve. This idea didn’t just come from me though, it was inspired by an email I received in September amongst the madness that was welcome.

I received an email from a first-year student telling me how wonderful and inspiring their college rep had been, and how they helped them to feel comfortable and settled during the start of their time at University. The email filled me with pride, to see that one of my college reps was going above and beyond within their role.

So, I wanted to give this representative recognition… specifically REPognition (because who doesn’t love a good play one words).

So how can you nominate someone for REPognition? All you need to do is send an email to me at vpacademic@derbyunion.co.uk with the nominee’s details and what they’ve done to deserve this nomination.

Who can be nominated? Anyone who is in a role to represent you, this could be a part time officer, programme rep or college rep.

Why do it? Most of the time, the people are in rep roles do all these wonderful things, but don’t do it for recognition, but so that something good is done. By nominating someone, they get the credit they deserve and know they are being appreciated.

When can I start nominating people? NOW! The more the merrier when it comes to rewarding peoples hard work.

So as the festive season is upon us, take the time to give someone one of the greatest gifts of all, a thank you for doing what they do.


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