Education Awards - Nominations are open!

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The Union's Education Awards are a fantastic celebration of all the hard work and dedication of our Student Reps and the inspirational staff at the University. Students and staff can nominate each other for these coveted awards and then come together to watch the award ceremony online and celebrate one another's achievements.

What awards can be won?

This year, there are 20 awards to be given out split between both student and staff. Our student awards cover Part TIme Officer recognition, Rep successes, Inspirational student awards and much more. The staff awards celebrate a wide range of excellance, you can vote for many awards, from the 'Lecturer of the Year' all the way to 'Personality of the Year'.

How do I nominate?

You can have your say and nominate student representatives and staff representatives for an award throughout April. The nominations for our awards are open from the 1st April until 11.59pm 30th April.

What happens next?

Once you have nominated the students and staff you wish, make sure you mark your calendar for Thursday May 20th. You can watch the event via our Awards area or follow us on facebook where you can watch and see who wins on the 20th.


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