Government guidelines and our Freshers plans

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This morning (Thursday 10th September), the government provided specific advice for Universities for the delivery of social activities taking into account the new ‘rule of six’. 

The Union of Students are currently working with the University and relevant local authorities to ensure that our planned events can be delivered safely in line with this guidance.  

We know that the experiences you have and the friends you make during those first few weeks of term are incredibly important and that carefully managed events are a key part of student life. We will therefore continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing for all attending, to ensure we comply with all legal requirements.  

The events currently on sale via the Union's /derbyfresh website have been designed with your safety in mind every step of the way. Since the start of our planning we have followed Covid-19 secure guidance so that no more than 6 people can sit at a table together and the ‘rule of six’ is applied to all events on sale. Whilst we carry out a final review of our plans with the University, these events will continue to be on sale (where tickets remain). 

On completion of our review with the University we shall contact each person who holds a ticket to an event with an update on your booking. These details will also be shared on the Union website.  

Finally, we have decided that all Society Give It A Go activities shall happen virtually and details will be updated on the Union website. This decision was taken following an assessment of the varied mix of activity taking place and the need to ensure strict compliance to social distancing guidelines at all times.  

Sporting Give it A Go events as listed will go ahead as planned, given the specific rules for organised sport that are in place for these activities. Each of these events have been fully risk assessed and will be managed in accordance with relevant national governing body guidance (where applicable).   

We want to reiterate that we are fully committed to offering you fantastic opportunities to meet new people and socialise, express yourself and your identity, join a vibrant student community and fulfil your potential.

Whether you’re after activities, representation, volunteering opportunities, employability, or advice, we’ll be here for you throughout your studies.
Whether it's online or in person, we're so excited to meet you!



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