Make a difference by saving water

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As part of the University of Derby’s Water Saving Campaign, Derby University has been working in partnership with Severn Trent Water to help you save water and therefore money on your water bill.

Despite Britain being seen as a rainy country, some areas have less water available per person than Spain or Australia. Climate change, a growing population and our modern lifestyles will mean we have even less water available in the future, so we need to do something now.

It’s increasingly important that we preserve our natural environment for future generations. Scientists are predicting that climate change could lead to significant changes in our weather patterns, including the prospect of longer, hotter and drier summers.

Severn Trent Water are working hard to save water by reducing leakage and providing tips to businesses and households on how they can save water.

You don’t need to make big changes to save a lot of water and every day during October there will be a simple water saving tip or amazing fact on UDSU social media and at the end of the month there will be an opportunity to win up to £50 in High Street vouchers by entering the water saving competition online.


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