Introducing: Owen Corkin (Head of Phantom paper)

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Name: Owen Corkin
Role: Head of Phantom paper
Studying: MA Publishing

Describe yourself in 3 words

Creative, Enthusiastic, Leader

Favourite fictional character and why?

Bob Harris from Lost in Translation (2003) but I guess that’s a roundabout way to just say I like Bill Murray?

Mike Wazowski has that ‘trying his best’ energy though which I can vibe with.

What's your regular Blends order?

English breakfast all the way, loaded with sugar

Dream holiday destination

Generic answer but rural Japan looks gorgeous. I’ve never left the country before but I would absolutely love to travel there.

Favourite sandwich?

We love a BLT, super toastie bread too. If it barely fits in the toaster you’re doing it right.

If a song was to play every time you entered a room, what would it be?

I am a romantic night owl so it’d definitely be something relaxed but I’m always working on something.

In the morning something like Se So Neon – A Long Dream but catch me when the sun’s down and it’s more Fox Stevenson – Endless.

Phantom Media aim to provide support and opportunities to anyone looking to progress in TV, Radio and Written Journalism. They try to provide a creative and innovative way of bringing students from all different backgrounds together and give them the chance to kick start their career.

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