Thank You, and Goodnight

We've made it to the end of another year on Phantom Radio, here's some highlights...

The Phantom Radio committee receiving the Student-Led Service of the Year award at the Community Awa The Phantom Radio Committee of 2021/22

Well that's it, after over 80 live shows this year, it's time to say goodbye for the summer.

It's been quite a year, from 2 days at Freshers, to 18 Graduation Ceremonies and supporting Climbing's Basecamp to Summit.

Thanks to everyone who hosted a show this year and helped us recover after the pandemic:

  • Eliza Moore (The ABC Hours)
  • Serana Storey (The Breakfast Show)
  • Jess Moore (JJA Drive)
  • Jess Brough (JK: Just Kiddin')
  • Tom Sharpe (TK: Total Knockout)
  • Kaden Langford (JK: Just Kiddin' & TK: Total Knockout)

and to everyone who has appeared as a guest, in particular Nina for visiting us on the SLLET radio show last week and three of the new full-time officers for next year - Owen, Alexandra and Dominic - for coming on and chatting with us after you'd been elected.

A special thanks goes to Alex Stone, our Activities Co-ordinator, for looking after us this year and putting up with me when I've wanted to change things.

And finally: thanks to everyone who has served on our committee this year:

  • Dan Jellicoe (Events Manager & The SLLET Radio Show)
  • Lux Nova Phoenix (Assistant Technical Manager)
  • Anna Alexander (Music Manager & JJA Drive)
  • Jack Holcombe (Technical Manager & JJA Drive)
  • Alex Wood (Head of Radio & The Evening Show)

Lux and I will be staying on the committee next year, with Anna taking over as Head of Radio.

Until then, have a great summer, and we'll see you at Freshers!


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