Phantom Radio does the 2.6 challenge

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On Sunday, April 26th Phantom Radio members took part in the 2.6 challenge.

What is the 2.6 challenge?

With the London marathon cancelled due to Covid-19 fears, the 2.6 challenge an alternative for that. The aims were simple: Twenty-six minutes of continuous exercise and then walk, run, cycle, or jump 2.6 miles.

Three members of Phantom Radio took part in this: Adam Lipinksi, Jack Tymon, and Alex Wood.

The aim was to do the challenge and raise £50 for NHS frontline key workers personal protective equipment. The outreach Phantom received from the community was amazing. From the support on the Instagram Livestream, which had 85 people watching at one point. To the amount of money raised for NHS Key workers.

Phantom Radio tripled the targeted money, raising a total of £166.

Phantom Radio would like to thank everyone for organising, also massive thanks to Aiden who was the Personal Trainer of the Livestream, and to Jack, Adam, and Alex for putting your bodies on the line.

You can find Phantom Radio's total post online

The announcement of more to come from Phantom Radio in terms of fundraising will come soon, so keep your eyes peeled for what they do next!


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