Phantom Radio host regional SRA training day

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On 12th February 2020, Phantom Radio hosted the Student Radio Association’s second regional training day of this academic year. The SRA hosted the event for the first time at the University of Derby and was a fantastic opportunity for Phantom Radio to put Derby on the map.

Over 30 students from 5 different Midlands based student radio attended the day which had great guest speakers from BBC Nottingham, BBC Derby, Talksport and Talk Radio.

Never before has a Student Radio station hosted the open day less than a year after joining the SRA a massive honour for Phantom Radio.

Truly a fantastic day for everyone who attended and presented the opportunity for Phantom Radio (the student radio station on campus) to grow. With a special shout out to the four main organisers of the day SRA Regional Officer Emma Snow, Student-Led Services Co-ordinator Vanessa Lee, Head of Phantom Radio Jess Pargeter, and Assistant Head of Radio Alex Wood for helping with the heavy lifting on such a monumental day for the University.

During the day, one theme came up more often than others, persistence. Each guest spoke about how they could never give up and always follow up on possible work options. Every member in attendance yesterday was surprised and overjoyed about how clean and safe the University was.

Many Student Radio stations are keen and interested to continue a working relationship with Phantom following yesterdays success.

What is Phantom Radio?

Phantom Radio is a student-led service which runs a fully operational radio studio in the heart of the Kedleston Road campus at the University of Derby. It has had many variations but, Phantom is officially back.

How can you join?

To sign up is very easy you just to the union page and click get involved, click the Student-Led Service page, Phantom Radio, and checkout. It is 100% free.

Once you join, you can have a two-hour radio show in which to express yourself and fulfil your radio potential!



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