Introducing: Kirsty Seaman (Head of RAG)

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Name: Kirsty Seaman
Role: Head of RAG
Studying: History

Favourite fictional character:

Spider-Man...because he’s Spider-Man

Favourite Blends order:


Dream holiday destination:


Favourite sandwich:

Chicken and avocado

If a song was to play every time you entered a room, what would it be?

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

RAG, also known as Raise and Give are a Student Led Service which allows students to fundraise for charities or our RAG chosen charities of the year. They also offer any help and ideas with fundraising queries.

Throughout the year they hold many fundraising events and activities of which the proceeds go toward the chosen yearly charities. They also work with other organisations to hold challenges which allows students to fundraise to do amazing experiences internationally.


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