24/7 library during term time CONTINUING NEXT YEAR!

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The library is the most important facility students use throughout the year. After speaking with students and spending over an estimate of 250 hours in the 24/7 hour library this academic term, Scarlet Moss (the former Vice President (Education)) helped me arrange a meeting with Sue Morrison, Head of the Centre for Student Life, to discuss the library and security. 

A photo of Tyla Tucker with Sue Morrison, Head of the Centre for Student Life, discussing the Library at the University of Derby

A key point in our meeting was the 24/7 hour library and the importance of extending the dates during the break period and before exam week. After speaking with Sue she made notes of the dates and will be working on finding the best days and times to have the 24/7 hour library.

The 24/7 library will continue for the 2019-2020 terms! It was a huge success and had over 14,000 visits at all hours!

In the meeting, we discussed a large number of things regarding the library. Here are a few:

Please note some of the things we discussed below are still in discussion or will be mentioned in future meetings.

  • Creating a vending machine and coffee station inside the library
  • Library layout change
  • Extending B block hours times
  • Improve students security during the 24/7 hours library
  • Have a break room with crafts, games and comfy seating inside the library
  • Sleep pods (although this is looking unlikely due to high cost)
  • Change to the library entrance gates
  • Promoting more use of journals and helping students gain more access to the books they need
  • Friar Gate campus will be having more book resources
  • Cleaner keyboards and mouses

The University is hearing students loud and clear and is working on making the library a better place for all students! Great job UOD! If you have any suggestions please comment below!


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