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students asking questions during a forum event

We had some great engagement during our first student forum this academic year with the College of Arts, Humanities and Education.  

The first forum opened the feedback loop which allows the University and Union to take on board your queries, comments or concerns and we will come back with answers at our next forum!  

Some of the questions that were asked:

  • Query/Comment/Concern – Some lessons finish later in the evening, why are they not in the daytime? 
  • Q/C/C – Virtual IDs only give access to the print library during staffed hours, is there any way of distributing ID cards sooner? 
  • Q/C/C – Some students feel like they are not absorbing as much information with moving teaching online 
  • Q/C/C – Lecturers are not as efficient in using online technology as teaching has moved to online, is there any training that can be provided? 
  • Q/C/C – lack of clarity around independent studies/dissertation as there has not been any communications. 
  • Q/C/C – Vending machines only take cash but due to the pandemic, most students are only carrying cards. 
  • Q/C/C – Joint honours students feel they do not have the same course communications as single honours. 

A full response will be given at the next forum but in the meantime you can re-watch the forum online! And you can also submit any questions you may have on our online form.

The next forum for the College of Arts, Humanities and Education is on the 19th November at 10.00am


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