And the candidates are...

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A photograph of the current four Officer Trustees after they were elected in 2019

The wait is over, the rumour-mill has ceased trading, the whispers can stop - the Union Elections candidate list is finally here!

We have had a fantastic turn-out for the Union Elections 2020 and are so excited to see so many of you putting yourselves forward for our roles, and so many of you coming back for a second year (surely a testament to how fantastic our roles are?) - it's going to be a great race!

It's not quite time to cast your votes yet, but you don't have to wait long. Voting opens on 27th February at 12.00pm and closes on 6th March at 1.00pm. All you need to do is login to the Union of Students website, go to and cast your votes. Remember, you don't have to vote for all positions at once, you can come back and vote as many times as you like during the voting period. You also get to vote for all candidates in order of preference, so you don't just vote for one candidate, you rank them all in order. That means if you first choice doesn't win, you can vote for your second-favourite person too. Pretty cool, huh? Well, we think so. 

Not only that, but as a thank-you for voting, we also automatically enter all voters in to a free prize draw to win a £200 Amazon voucher, so it really is worth your time, not only for democracy's sake, but so you can be in with a chance to seriously treat yo'self! So make sure you pencil in some time to cast your votes...

Now, without further ado, we are very pleased to announce the full, alphabetical list of Union Elections 2020 candidates:

Full-time Officer Roles


  • Alex Barker Moore
  • Corey Beck
  • John Hunter
  • Samantha Short

Vice President Activities:

  • Anesu Choto
  • Coral McShane
  • Josh Williams
  • Katie Johnson
  • Louis Wilson

Vice President (Education)

  • Ellie Gaylor
  • Neil Stewart
  • Nina Cupric

Vice President (Welfare)

  • Ashley Harker
  • Emily Lane

Part Time Officer Candidates

Part Time Officer (Disabilities):

  • Angelika Witasik
  • Cerys Bacon

Part Time Officer (Ethnic Minorities):

  • Tamandani Mzandu

Part Time Officer (Gender):


Part Time Officer (LGBTQ+):

  • Neil Pennell

Part Time Officer (Mental Health Awareness):

  • Aaron Townend
  • Daniel Fagan
  • Nigel Emanuel Duffus

Part Time Officer (Ethics & Environment):

  • Angharad Evans
  • James Walding

Part Time Officer (Mature Students):


Part Time Officer (Part Time Students):


Part Time Officer (Student Parents):

  • Maisie Lodge

Part Time Officer (International Students):

  • Ainars Karklins

Part Time Officer (Commuter Students):

  • Jack Tymon

Part Time Officer (Education Chair):

  • Chris Winson

Union Equality & Diversity Chair:

  • Shannesia Hodge

Union Societies Chair:

  • Ben Marler
  • Elliot Horne
  • Joseph Nelthorpe

Union Sports Chair:

  • Rebecca Hill

Buxton Chair:

  • Charlotte Harrison-Wear

?Buxton Activities Officer:

  • Hatty Green

Buxton Events Officer:

  • Tom Brailey

Part Time Officer (Allied Health & Social Care):

  • Katie Glover
  • Rachel Nurse

Part Time Officer (Arts):

  • Fay Turner-Paxton

Part Time Officer (Buxton Education HE):


Part Time Officer (Chesterfield Education):


Part Time Officer (Derby Business School):

  • Joel Boulter

Part Time Officer (Education):

  • Nicole Hawes

Part Time Officer (Electronics, Computing & Mathematics):

  • Alexandra Mazilu

Part Time Officer (Environmental Sciences):

  • Tracy Wright

Part Time Officer (Human Sciences):

  • Owen Marques
  • Wayne McFarland

Part Time Officer (Humanities & Journalism):


Part Time Officer (Joint Honours):

  • Elina Ivanova Hristova

Part Time Officer (Law & Social Sciences):

  • Andy Smith

Part Time Officer (Mechanical Engineering & the Built Environment):

  • Seb Piper

Part Time Officer (Nursing & Professional Practice):

  • Emma Wattam

Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Research):

  • Jessica McLean

Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Taught):

  • Isaac Kanu

Part Time Officer (UDOL Students):

  • Áine Quigley
  • Avnish Singh
  • Timothy Shaapera
  • William Rowland Barnard

National Student Rights Campaigner (NUS Delegate):

  • Ethan Wynn
  • Joel Boulter
  • Samuel Haddock
  • Tracy Wright
  • Tylae Close


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