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The College of Science and Engineering held their first forum on 26th October and we are excited to share some of the questions, comments or concerns that were raised by students, programme reps and part time officers.

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part time officer speaking

We had some great engagement during our first student forum this academic year with the College of Science and Engineering.

The first forum opened the feedback loop which allows the University and Union to take on board your queries, comments or concerns and we will come back with answers at our next forum!

Some of the questions that were asked:

  • Query/Comment/Concern – Enrolment concerns with how late timetables were released and terminology confusion
  • Q/C/C – If onsite teaching is cancelled, please can other methods of communication be used as well as emails?
  • Q/C/C – Will employability be affected by online learning instead of completing practical modules this term?
  • Q/C/C – A module that would be good for teaching in person is online and an online module is in person
  • Q/C/C – Having meetings/lectures on TEAMs as a new software is hard to use
  • Q/C/C – Pace of teaching is too quick online
  • Q/C/C – Can’t go back to previous questions on exams which is causing students to miss marks if they want to add to their answers at the end.

A full response will be given at the next forum. You can also submit any questions you may have on our online form.

The next forum for the College of Science and Engineering is on the 17th November at 1:00pm.


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