Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

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A group of Part Time Officers with their grey hoodies on

Our Part Time Officers are student volunteers who represent a group of students with a view to improving those students' University experience. It is a fantastic addition to a CV (these things realty help you to stand out in the competitive job market!) and is great if you want to make the University of Derby an even better place to study and are keen on improving things and helping others.

The roles are part-time (it’s in the name!) so are perfect for busy students. The role runs from July-July each year and nominations are now open to put yourself forward for the academic year 2021/22

What are the commitments of the role across the year?

  • Gather feedback from students or programme reps.
  • Promote various Union events to them
  • Hold socials etc. (if you wish to!)
  • Attend two or three meetings a year with key University staff: to give the feedback and help improve the student experience
  • Attend relevant councils
  • Attend Scrutiny Panel – Held six times per year, we ask that Part Time Officers attend a minimum of two
  • Attend Annual General Meeting – Held once a year where all students vote on huge changes to the Union of Students

What will I get for my time in the role?

  • Bronze, silver, gold reward structure based on your commitments to the role
  • Certificate
  • Invite to our Education Awards ceremony for staff and students, where you can be nominated for your work and (hopefully) win!
  • Fantastic experience for your CV
  • Making new connections with fellow Part Time Officers, Programme Reps, students, and University staff

Our Part Time Officer roles fit perfectly around your studies and really are designed so that you can change and improve university life for yourself, your peers, fellow students, and future students.

"Becoming part of the Union of Students officer's team is about giving back to the students - protecting the things that keep you passionate - and gaining invaluable experience for your CV at the same time"

Union Society Chair, 2021

The PTO for Buxton Education has outlined some of their key points for why you should become a Part Time Officer:

  • a rewarding experience allowing for lots of opportunities to develop in a wide variety of areas
  • gain a better understanding of how the university operates in regard to student feedback
  • develop confidence
  • make valuable change and represent student voices
  • the prizes we get obviously! (I’m dying for the chocolate)
  • rep socials and interaction with other campuses
  • the hoodies are ridiculously comfortable
  • transferable skills such as chairing meetings and gathering feedback

If you would like any further information, please contact – Part Time Officer Coordinator.

It is really easy to put yourself forward and we would love to have you!


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