Extra Summit item alert!

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A student representative speaking into a microphone in a lecture theatre

Following further consultation with the Officers at the Union of Students, a further item has been added to Student Summit, taking place on 12th Februrary, 2.00pm-4.00pm in OL2 at Kedleston Road. 

This further idea which is being taken to Summit is...

"How about, if we forget our unicard we should be able to travel for free if we show our udo profile. it has the same info as our unicard (picture and uni number). It's online, not a picture to be faked (not that they would care as they're not even checking the unicard)."

So what do you think? Great idea for students in a pinch or bad idea that could cause delays? Or maybe you're somewhere in the middle. Whatever your thoughts, whatever your opnion, if you want to see this passed or if you want to see this stopped you need to come along to the Student Summit meeting.

Summit is a Union meeting open to all students where Ideas from our Ideas Forum which have reached over 25 up-votes are voted on a final time.
These are huge changes to your university life, so the more people we can get to come and vote, the better!

If an idea is passed at Summit, the Union is bound to try to action it for three years - so let's make sure we're spending the time, resources, and tuition fees working to make the changes that you want. Come along and vote and engage in healthy debate over what you want to happen and ensure we are making best use of our time to reflect Student demand.


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