Opportunities to utilise at university!

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Freshers fairs

Freshers fair is a good opportunity to find out about what sport and academic societies are around and what skills you can gain from them. Joining these can teach you vital skills in written/verbal communication, time-management and above all can help build a social network of support. Any societies that you join and participate in is shown on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) that can be shown to potential employers and institutions of further education. Being a part of societies can help show dedication and commitment. They also help evidence particular attributes you may have, providing examples can help in your applications to post-grad courses or employers.

Employability fairs

Employability fairs are good opportunities to talk with business’ that you may be interested in. The fairs provide a basis for networking with potential employers and finding further opportunities to get involved with them, whether that be through work experience or voluntary service. Understanding the world your course will lead you into it vital for success. You need to know the type of competition that is out there as well as the type of graduate employers are after. Attending early to these fairs can give you a jumpstart in building your CV based on your career goal.

Careers and Employment Service (CES)

CES provide events and workshops that aim to build your personal skills and knowledge in various topics, from CV building and interview techniques to searching for post-graduate study. The CES also advertise jobs and work experience opportunities. As part of many courses at University of Derby students are required to complete 30 hours of work experience in their first and second year so looking early will ensure the best opportunities.

Work Experience

I highly recommend getting as much work experience as possible. You will gain insight into a functioning workplace as well as being able to apply the skills you are being taught. Employers like to hire those with experience in their field who can offer valid examples of where their skills and knowledge have been used in real-life scenarios. Work experience shows commitment, enthusiasm, and initiative.

Employability Advisor

The CES’s employability advisors are available to offer advice on career routes and CV building. I highly recommend working with their team to gain valuable insight on how employers view your applications, and how to enhance your attributes and experiences. Utilising this one-on-one service and their workshop will guarantee a head start in job hunting and post-studying.

Courtney Tonks
Programme Rep for Zoology


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