Scrutiny Panel - April 2021

Scrutiny Panel - April 2021 - The Results!

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Several times across the year we here at the Union hold Scrutiny Panel which is a meeting where your elected Officers (The Union President, Vice Presidents, and any Part Time Officers who have been called) give updates on their progress towards their manifesto aims and their role descriptions.

They are questioned and scrutinised by a panel of our student volunteers and an audience of students. We do this to make sure that students can hold their officers accountable across the year and ensure that they're doing the work they promised to do!

All students are invited to join us to ask any questions they may have directly to your officers. If you can't attend or would rather ask your questions indirectly, you can go to and enter code #SCRUTINY - any questions you ask via this platform are completely anonymised and the facility will be open a few days prior to each meeting to give you plenty of time to ask your questions.

How it Works

The Officers deliver their written reports up to two weeks in advance to the panellists and then verbally at the meeting. The panel and any students in the audience then ask the officers questions about their work and progress. At the end of the panel the Panellists and the Chair alone remain to vote on whether the officers have made sufficient progress towards their role and manifesto. If they have, their report is passed and no further action is required. If not, recommendations for improvement are made. If not actioned or in serious cases, an officer can face disciplinary action up to and including being removed from their role. The Scrutiny Panel Panellists are also able to ratify Union policy and co-opt candidates in to any Part Time Officer roles that have become vacant between our elections periods.

Outcomes of the April 2021 Scrutiny Panel

  • Corey Beck - President PASSED
  • Nina Cupric - Vice President Education PASSED
  • Emily Lane - Vice President Welfare PASSED
  • Josh Williams - Vice President Activities PASSED

Please join us at the next Scrutiny Panel on 15th June 2021. You can find information of future panels on our events page of this website or by emailing


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