So many endings, how about some new beginnings?

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Are you still reeling from Endgame? Mourning the imminent end of Game of Thrones? It definitely feels like a season of losses, but it doesn't have to be all about endings! YOU can help us create some new beginngings.

And what do you need to do? There's no snapping or battling off hordes of the undead involved, all you need to do is cast your votes! 

Our By-Elections are well underway and you can vote for who you want to represent you throughout 2019/20. It's so important that students take part in voting so that we can best represent you and your needs - it only takes a couple of minutes, so head to and click on vote now! 

The voting period is open from 1st May 2019 at 12.00pm - 8th May at 12.00pm - the good news is, you don't have to vote for all the positions at once, you can come back and cast votes as many times as you like throughout the voting period so if you're pressed for time, spread your voting out!

Why should I vote?

We often hear 'it doesn't affect me' or 'I don't know enough about what I'm voting for' - so let us put those misconceptions to rest and tell you exactly why voting is so important for ALL Derby students.

  1.  The roles open for voting are known as Part Time Officers or PTOs. PTOs represent all the students within their demographic - if it falls within their remit, they are doing their best to make real, positive changes for students to make a massive impact on your University experience and that of future students. 
  2. The issues they tackle affect so many students - childcare, environmental impact, buses, lecture times - if students aren't happy about it, our PTOs are usually trying to fix it. 
  3. PTOs have already made amazing changes that will have benefitted you throughout your time at Uni - you likely just won't have realised it! Without them, so much of the work that makes these massive improvements a reality just wouldn't be possible.

You can find out all about what roles are open, who you can vote for and what each candidate's aims are by heading to and checking out the role descriptions and the candidates' manifestos. 

The Candidates

Below, you can see a full list of the roles and which candidates we have for each of them

Part Time Officer (Gender) Ashley Harker
Part Time Officer (Ethics & Environment) Angharad Evans
Miranda Marshall
Rebecca Whitehead
Part Time Officer (Student Parents) Kellyan Greening
Part Time Officer (Mature Students) Francine Waring
Lynne Hill
Nayan Khetani
Part Time Officer (Commuter Students) Rachel Horswell
Victoria Bradley
Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Research) Emily-Rose Cluderay
Part Time Officer (Part Time Students) Debra McLean
Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Taught) Monzir Tom
Part Time Officer (Buxton HE) Charlotte Harrison-Wear
Union Sports Chair Alexandra Woods
Angus Maree
Callum Polak
Teedie Brace
Buxton Chair Adam Hopkins
Buxton Activities Officer Dominic Hindle
Part Time Officer (Education & Childhood) Demi Turnbull
Lillie Dennis
Nicole Hawes
Part Time Officer (Environmental Sciences) Kim Scoble
Megan Bell
Tracy Wright
Part Time Officer (Music & Performing Arts)  Samuel Haddock
Part Time Officer (Allied Health & Social Care) Joanna Edwards
Lizzie Ward
Jade Nixon
Georgia Simmonds

If you have any questions about any part of the By-Elections, please don't hesitate to contact us! You can email us at



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