The Summit results are in...

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The Results are in…

Yesterday, as part of our fantastically successful Representation Conference, we held the first of this year’s student Summit meetings.

Summit is a meeting whereby students get to vote on ideas from the Ideas Forum that reached the 25 up-vote threshold. Summit is the final stage of voting whereby students decide if the Union should action those ideas.

We had 121 students in attendance at Summit from all courses, levels and sites to vote on the issues. There was hot debating, vibrant discussions and fantastic feedback, so a huge thank you to anyone who contributed!

So, without any further ado or vocabular fluff, please find the results below:-

A wellbeing room/adviser in every campus and halls
PASSED – 58 votes for, 57 votes against.
PASSED – 81 votes for, 37 votes against.
Mandatory mental health training for all staff.
PASSED – 98 votes for, 21 votes against.
First Aid and Mental Health Training
PASSED – 95 votes for, 19 votes against.
Mental health first aid training
REJECTED – 20 votes for, 98 votes against.
Placement Allocation
PASSED – 98 votes for, 17 votes against.
Blackwell's voucher for masters students
PASSED – 114 votes for, 4 votes against.
Laundry/Drying machines should be FREE in Halls
REJECTED – 35 votes for, 79 votes against.
Car Share Buddy System
PASSED – 64 votes for, 50 votes against.

Please note, any disparity in the total number of voters is due to students abstaining from voting.

So, what happens now?

Any idea which is passed at Summit will be actioned by the Union of Students as soon as possible for the remainder of this academic year and for a further three years.

Whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean that the idea will certainly become a reality, it gives us the power to do our best to make it happen over this time period, encouraging and working with the University to take action on your idea and make it a reality.

We will post updates on our website and our full time officers will give updates at our Scrutiny Panels, which happen six times per year. All students are invited to Scrutiny Panel so check out our Facebook events regularly to find out when are where they are. The next Scrutiny Panel is being held on 5th December, 5.00pm-7.00pm at Kedleston Road in room B212 – please come along and contribute to discussions or watch on Facebook live!

What about the ideas that were rejected?

Unfortunately, as students didn’t want this idea to pass we cannot action or work on this idea. If you are passionate about this idea however the original poster of the idea can resubmit it one more time in the this academic year, so if this is you, please feel free to do so!

But wait! It’s not quite over yet

Because we love your ideas so much, there is going to be a second Summit taking place around arguably the most romantic time of the year -  Wednesday 12th February 2020. 2.00pm-4.00pm. We will have fresh new ideas for you to vote on, and if you want your idea to be voted on and (hopefully) actioned, then get it on the ideas forum and get those votes!

We will post more event information near the time…

A final thank you

So, no matter whether you posted an idea, voted on an idea, attended Summit or just contributed to discussions, we really want to thank you for being a part of this. The Union of Students is driven by student opinion, student voice and it is our aim to help you have the University experience that you want to see. So thank you for sharing, thank you for caring and thank you for giving us the power to represent your interests.


Jess Blagden
11:54am on 28 Nov 19 Joint honours rep for theatre & creative writing (first year) Thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays rep conference, have a lot of good feedback to give my peers and feel encouraged to get more involved in the union on a whole Highest of compliments to all Union members running the events yesterday - especially Joe who ran a very good "make the most out of being a rep" talk which was informative and encouraging A big well done all round! Thankyou
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