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Thank you so much to all of our amazing candidates in this year’s By-Elections! We had a whopping 31 candidates this year (we think it might be a new record..) and they were such keen and committed participants. We had several roles open for election and are pleased to say we managed to fill them all! Unfortunately however there can only be one person elected in to each role, and the candidates who received the most votes and are therefore duly elected in the By-Elections 2019 are as follows:-




Part Time Officer (Gender) Ashley Robyn Harker
Part Time Officer (Ethics & Environment) Angharad Evans
Part Time Officer (Students Parents) Kellyann Greening
Part Time Offiicer (Mature Students) Lynne Hill
Part Time Officer (Commuter Students) Rachel Horswell
Part Time Officer (Part Time Students) Debra McLean
Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Research) Emily-Rose Cluderay
Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Taught) Monzir Tom
Part Time Officer (Buxton HE) Charlotte Harrison-Wear
Union Sports Chair Teedie Brace
Buxton Chair Adam Hopkins
Buxton Activities Officer Dominic Hindle
Part Time Officer (Education & Childhood) Nicole Hawes
Part Time Officer (Environmental Sciences) Tracy Wright
 Part Time Officer (Music & Performing Arts) Samuel Haddock
Part Time Officer (Allied Health & Social Care) Jade Nixon

Thanks also need to go to each and every one of you that cast your votes – the changes the Part Time Officers make to the student experience are phenomenal and your votes are crucial to ensure that the Officers make the changes and improvements that you want to see ! 

If you would like the full breakdown of the votes, please contact us at






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