Union Elections 2021 - Nominations are open!

A job straight out of uni? Now that would be nice

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Put yourself forward for one of our roles! Don't like what's happening at University? Want to see things done differently? Want to effect real and lasting change? Well, it all starts with you - the students.

We have four full-time, paid, roles (starting in July 2021) and dozens of part-time, unpaid, positions that students can put themselves forward for. Our roles are designed so that you can change and improve university life for yourself, your peers, fellow students, and future students. So don't just sit there wishing things were different, stand up and make that change happen. You have the power to do so and the support and resources of the Union behind you all the way.

To find out everything about the roles, how to put yourself forward and what it all entails, head on over to our dedicated Elections page.

You can also contact our elections officials at any time by emailing elections@derbyunion.co.uk with any questions or queries!


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