Union Elections 2021 - The Candidates

See our fabulous candidates here and how to vote ( and what you could win just for voting!)

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The wait is over, the rumour-mill has ceased trading, the whispers can stop - the Union Elections candidate list is finally here!

We have had a fantastic turn-out for the Union Elections 2021, smashing the candidate number of the past two years (which considering the current climate is incredible!). We are blown away to see so many of you putting yourselves forward for our roles, and so many of you coming back for a second year (surely a testament to how fantastic our roles are…? ) - it's going to be a great race, albeit completely online this year! So make sure you check out the elections pages for candidate info, and to cast your votes!

It's not quite time to vote yet, but you don't have to wait long. Voting opens 4th March at 12.00pm and closes on 12th March at 1.00pm. All you need to do is login to the Union of Students website, go to the elections page, and you’re ready to vote. Remember, you don't have to vote for all positions at once, you can come back and vote as many times as you like during the voting period. Also, as we use STV voting, you get to rank candidates for each role in order of preference – that means if your first choice can't win, your vote will transfer to your second choice (and so on). Pretty cool, huh? Well, we think so.

Not only that, but as a thank-you for voting, we are automatically entering all voters in to a free prize draw to win one of our fantastic prizes:

  • A Nintendo Switch Lite bundle with your choice of colour, game, online membership, and accessory!
  • A Spotify & Headspace six month subscription
  • A free year of TOTUM membership (five available)

So it really is worth your time, not only for democracy's sake, but so you can be in with a chance to seriously treat yo'self! So make sure you pencil in some time to cast your votes.

Now, without further ado, we are very pleased to announce the full list of Union Elections 2021 candidates:

Full-time Officers


  • Chukwuka Okuchukwu
  • Corey Beck
  • Danielle Franklin
  • Elliot Horne
  • Jack Tymon

Vice President Activities

  • Beth Baxtrem
  • Connor Hewison
  • Josh Williams
  • Stuart Hall

Vice President (Education)

  • Nina Cupric
  • Sam Haddock

Vice President (Welfare)

  • Emily Jones
  • Emily Lane
  • Neil Pennell
  • Tylae Close
  • Owen Marques

Part Time Officers

Part Time Officer (Student Parents and Carers)

  • Maisie Lodge
  • Mariana Mendes

Part Time Officer (Commuter Students)

  • Krissy Gresty

Part Time Officer (Mature Students)

  • Bruno Mata
  • Cathy Hudson
  • Claire Trueman

Part Time Officer (International Students)

  • Daniyal Haider
  • [student information removed on request]
  • Umar Bello

Part Time Officer (Sustainability)

  • Angharad Evans
  • Jena Mitchell

Part Time Officer (Disabilities)

  • Lori Jeria Medina
  • Sophie Paul

Part Time Officer (Ethnic Minorities)

  • Odreika Mclean

Part Time Officer (Gender)

  • Donna Farrand

Part Time Officer (Mental Health Awareness)

  • Amelia Hopkinson
  • Hannah Bourne
  • Laura Gale
  • Matthew Robinson

Union Education Council Chair

  • Joseph Webster

Union Equality & Diversity Chair

  • Lizzie Ward

Union Societies Chair

  • Poppy Gardner

Union Sports Chair

  • Callum Fox-Lang

Buxton Chair

  • Chris Mallams

National Student Rights Campaigner (NUS Delegate)

  • Ashviny Srinayagam
  • Josh Williams
  • Katie Howley
  • Krissy Gresty
  • Lori Jeria-Medina
  • Sophie Smith

Part Time Officer (Allied Health and Social Care)

  • Charlie Nuland

Part Time Officer (Arts)

  • Becca Blount
  • Cyril Mathew Joe

Part Time Officer (Built and Natural Environment)

  • Harry Whitehouse

Part Time Officer (Derby Business School)

  • Arthi Sivaharan
  • Arvin Johal
  • Matthew LeDoux-Deakin
  • Tiago Santos

Part Time Officer (Human Sciences)

  • Gracie Patchett
  • Tay Baverstock

Part Time Officer (Humanities & Journalism)

  • Dominic White
  • Lotus Gregory

Part Time Officer (Joint Honours)

  • Nayan Khetani

Part Time Officer (Law and Social Sciences)

  • Angelika Witasik
  • Claire Darnell
  • Zoe Walker

Part Time Officer (Nursing and Professional Practice)

  • Amy Carey
  • Leah Carpenter
  • Rebecca Ward

Part Time Officer (Online Learners)

  • Kenneth Curley

Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Research)

  • Stacey Higgs

Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Taught)

  • Annaline Jones
  • Brett Marriott

Part Time Officer (Psychology)

  • Sepehr Rahimi Poor


Chukwuka Okuchukwu
8:16am on 3 Mar 21 Good luck everyone. Its a beautiful sight to behold seeing a great number of us showing interest in making our union better. It is my sincere heart desires that we will all finish strong. See you on the other side.
Angharad Evans
11:43am on 25 Feb 21 Really exciting to see so many people up for the roles this year! It's gonna be a good one. Good luck to all!
Emily Jones
4:24pm on 24 Feb 21 So it has started, I want to wish everyone the best of luck! Don't forget that all of you who are running will do justice for the role you have chosen. It's all down to the students. Again, best of luck and virtual hugs and smiles to everyone. You all have got this :) x
Samuel Haddock
2:32pm on 24 Feb 21 Good luck everyone! No matter how this turns out, we are going to have an incredibly strong and passionate officer team next academic year !
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