What do you wish was different?

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Move over Reddit, there's a new upvote/downvote system in town!

No, that doesn't really roll off the tongue does it... but that doesn't change the fact that our Ideas Forum is the best place a University of Derby student can spend their upvotes! 

The Ideas Forum is a place on our website, where if there's something you're not quite happy with about your University experience, something you think is missing, something you want changed or something you want gotten rid of - here is the place you need to go to make it happen. 

How it Works

All you need to do is go to derbyunion.co.uk/ideas, login with your student ID and then you can go wild - post your own ideas, vote and comment on others. If you really want to see something happen, then you need to be using the Ideas Forum almost as much as you use Blends to get you through your early morning lectures. Any student can post an idea for change on the Ideas Forum and vote and comment on other ideas. If an idea gets over 25 (yes, just 25) votes, the Union will consider the issue and try our best to make it happen. 

So what's stopping you?! Stop waiting and start voting - your voices speak volumes to the University and the more people that get behind an idea, the more power we have to persuade the University to make it happen. Union staff will also comment on your idea to keep you up to date with progress so you're not left in the dark. 

You can use the Ideas Forum as many times as you like during your time as a student at Derby and we encourage you to share your opinions as often as you can – we can't make the changes you want if we can't hear what it is you want to change – so don't hold back!

The sky really is the limit (or, probably more accurately, the University budget) but don't let that stop you – dream big, speak your mind, tell us what you want and you never know, it CAN happen.


Aidan Jenkins
5:39pm on 29 Nov 19 I want to see the falconry or animals so that my suggested activity.
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