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Your Programme Reps and Part Time Officers attended Rep Conference in November and asked key University staff members questions all things relating to facilities to improve your student experience.

Q: Last minute adjustments to timetabling

A: However, this is caveated with subject to change as ongoing validations, staff changes or changes within student numbers could result in a new room being allocated, best endeavours are taken to ensure that dates and times remain the same. Following the publication of the timetable, the only way in which a day or timings will be changed is at the request of the relevant academics and the head of departments approval.

Q: Irregular practice with panopto

A: Reports on Lecture Recording Policy and College engagement statistics have been shared with College Senior Management teams. CELT are also completing a project to produce guidance and best practice to support staff with scenarios that are outside of regular teaching events, e.g. guest lectures.

Q: Internet in Sir Peter Hilton halls

A: The site staff and external provider weren’t previously aware of any issues affecting students in Sir Peter Hilton or any other site concerning Wi-Fi blackspots. However, on being made aware of this matter we spoke to our supplier who agreed to make additional checks on the hardware in that area.

Anyone having issues with internet at any University owned accommodation site can contact Ask4 via 0114 303 3232 or on

Q: review bus scheduling to meet demand

A: There is an on-going review of the overarching transport strategy. It should be noted that there is significant demand for the free bus travel (nearly 900,000 journeys per year) and the University invests significant funds to run the service (circa £400k); the use of other forms of transport such as walking or cycling should be encouraged.

Q: Washing machines in halls

A: The current Wash station contract runs until 2022 at which point Student Living will again undertake a review of the available options. The costs to students to use this facility is benchmarked against other University/Purpose Built Student Accommodation provisions as well as other publicly available laundrette providers in the local area.

If you are a Programme Rep/PTO – attend Spring Panel Debate on 24th March 1.00pm-3.00pm in room B302 to ask any further questions you may have regarding your studies, facilities or support services to key university staff members!


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