Enactus is a student-led service supporting students through a range of opportunities in entrepreneurship, building skills and connecting with different students and being a part of a bigger community, Enactus UK. We are looking for students who are passionate about a project, whether it be helping to eliminate a stigma, working with charities and external companies, reducing crime on streets or helping the homeless, there is something there for everyone. If you don't have a project, that's fine! You can join a current project and work towards a common goal together! Students from different backgrounds and faculties have worked together, taking their projects to Enactus competitions, getting their projects sponsored and some have even continued with their projects outside of university which has led to opportunities with TV, blogs, Newspapers and many more.

We as a committee will support you and offer any advice that we can, and we are fortunate to have University advisors, staff members at the University, that will support projects along the way.

Official Enactus UK: In order to join Enactus, we need students to register with the Enactus UK so they can officially be part of the team. They can also find out more about the projects around the world and other information – enactus.org