Anime and Manga

Welcome to the university of derby anime & manga society minisite!
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Founded in 2005, and crowned Society of the Year 2013/14, we're known for our weekly meetups, where we watch anime of a certain theme selected by our members alongside a running series (5pm-8pm, alternating between Mondays/Wednesdays and Tuesdays/Thursdays). However, we also run a variety of other events!
These include:
  • Manga Book Club -  monthly meet ups where people can bring their own manga to swap and/or discuss with others 

  • Art and cosplay workshops - alternating with MBC (dates and times TBC) 
  • Trips to national conventions - e.g MCM London, MCM Birmingham 
  • Weekly socials at local pubs
  • Plus many more!

Our Facebook and Twitter are available in the sidebar, but we also have a members-only Facebook group and Discord server. To gain entrance to these groups, just send a message or email to us with proof of your membership (such as a screenshot from the Union website). 

We hope to see you soon!