The Business Sociy is the essential hub for students within the Business School as well as anyone else who has an interest in starting their up their own business.


Derby city has a fast growing economy which opens a lot more opportunities for those who study here. Additionally, it is the most central city in the UK which makes others very accessible. For these reasons it comes as no surprise that our Business School has a great network of small, medium and large businesses that are often happy to collaborate with the University. 
The Business Society aims to use this network to arrange talks, workshops and events throughout the next academic year! We are also looking to work with other societies to put on these events and to raise money for different charities throughout. 
In the academic year 2020-21 the Business Society won the most charitable award - could you be the key to helping us achieve this award for two consecutive years?  




We will keep in close contact with you throughout the year and of course use our Social Media pages to keep you updated on every single thing happening. 
The prospective events and challenges that we have for this year are the:
 Business Ball - The Great Comeback 
  Christmas Dinner Party 
 Dragon’s Business Den