The Criminology Society is devoted to providing individuals with an interest in criminology (be it due to studies or general interest) with opportunities to socialize, attend speakers, go on trips and develop their skills. To give an example of the kinds things we do, last year we had:

  • The BIG Crime Debate! 
  • A few socials!
  • A speaker from the Prison Reform Trust!
  • A speaker from ECPAT with training!
  • Two speakers from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons!
  • Other Training sessions - they are usually free! 

This year we plan on doing much of the same plus more! We are currently planning more speakers, some trips to local prisons, more socials, more meetings and more events with other societies!

The committee is more than happy to chase up any suggestions that members may have so do not hesitate to get in contact!