Welcome to the Debate Society!

You may have guessed it but we are a society all about debating a wide range of topics and current events! Unlike most other debate societies who have formal (and frankly boring) methods of debating, we use a more informal and friendly approach to debating, allowing our members to experience what real-world debating is like.

Our debate topics are submitted by our members which means that you have a say in what topics are discussed, whether they are political, philosophical or just for fun. These debates are then chaired by the President Speaker, who is just a student like you, who moderates debates and keeps the peace when things get heated.

But its not all about debates! Whilst last year we couldn't do much because of the pandemic, we do hold social events when and where we can, including quiz nights. As we start the new academic year coming out of lockdown, we plan to start hosting more social events in person including simply going for drinks!

If you want to find out more, you can look around on our website or our social media, but if you still have questions, then please email us or message us privately through our social media accounts!

We hope to see you soon!