A safe space and community for all. If you identify as disabled then you are welcome! For students who study at Derby University to come together. We accept all member requests! Students of any or all disabilities, mental.. physical... neurodivergent.. you name it! You will never be asked to prove your disability - everyone and anyone is allowed to join (as long as you study at derby!) Even if you support or care for someone with a disability you are welcome!!! ?? ??

Our vision

  • To create a safe place for Disabled students to come and meet people with the same experiences and form friendships and a support network.
  • To have a social society that meets the needs of everyone's disability or difficulty through communication and recommendations. Ideally creating an accessible atmosphere for everyone to come and have fun, socialise, meet new people and feel supported.
  • To be a contact for PTO for Disability to get feedback and have an open channel of communication where we can ensure our needs are met.

If you are interested in joining this Society, please check us out on Social Media or email us for more info.