Welcome to the Derby Raptors Esports Society, the home of casual and competitive online gaming.

We invite all students who are interested in joining a community of gamers and are looking to take part in the various activities we will be hosting and participating in.

What you can expect during 2021/22:

  • Competitive university tournaments in the summer and winter, hosted by NSE and NUEL.
  • In-house games and mini-tournaments with prizes.
  • 24hr Charity LAN event.
  • Weekly game nights for fun party games and flavour of the month titles.
  • IRL meetups (including but not limited to, Spoons and Maccies).

With 100+ students already verified for the next academic year, and many teams competing on behalf of the Derby Raptors, we are looking to bolster our ranks going forward.

Some of our recent accolades:

  • Derby Gods, winners of the CS:GO Stay at Home Series by NSE, and finalists of NUEL Varsity.
  • Der-B, regional winners of Rocket League NSE.
  • Pyjama Guardians, back-to-back winners of Women's League of Legends by NUEL.

Join our Discord Server and say hi! Even when we are not playing games, we have a friendly atmosphere to hang out and chill.