Film Appreciation

Film Appreciation Society

The Film Appreciation Society are a small group of people who all love film. Each month we will have a vote on which film to watch from a selection within a specific theme. Each time the theme will change. The themes could be a genre such as romance if it were February for example, or it could be a particular director or decade to choose a film from.

After we have watched the film people can discuss what they liked or what they did not like. Or just talk about the film and compare it to others as a group. No one is required to join in, if you just want to sit and watch films with a group of people and make friends then feel free to do so!

On top of our regular meetings we would like to organise special events such as cinema trips or socials.

We hope to broaden people's minds on film and possible get people into watching films that they may not have necessarily watched otherwise.

If you have any questions please join our discord, message us on our facebook page, or send us an email!

Happy film watching!