First Aid

We are here to provide opportunities for society members to learn First Aid and learn life skills for personal development!


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide an opportunity for our society members by ensuring widened access to first aid knowledge, giving students the skills to save a life. We want to ensure a welcoming and inclusive space for new students to engage with the university community, providing them with these vital skills early in their lives. We hope to give off an atmosphere where society members can develop themselves and want to make an impact in the local community through volunteering with St John Ambulance. 

Our Aims:

Our aims in the society provide First Aid knowledge and teaching to the local student community through our weekly society meeting as well as providing opportunities to our society members to learn life skills for personal development and to increase employability. We will engage and support our wider community in Derby, which will improve our relations between our university students and the local community. We will also support the work of St John Ambulance through fundraising, raising awareness of the charity and contribute with student volunteers.  We will also provide our society members with the opportunity to volunteer in our local communities and provide First Aid at events through the opportunity to join St John Ambulance.

Our Society:

Our society is here to help people gain the knowledege to help others whilst having fun at the same time. We understand not everyone wants to go into a medical field in the future, they just want to be able to help others if in need; this is why we created the society. There is no pressure in our society and we are solid believers in having fun whilst learning.


Plans for the next year!

  • Social Nights
  • Fundraising events
  • First aid teaching lessons
  • Volunteering
  • having fun!