Board and Card Gaming


Are you interested in board games? Card games? Or Online Party Games?

Then we are the society for you.


Covering everything from board games to collectable card games, the Board and Card Gaming Society offers weekly meetings. Where everyone can come together to socialise and more importantly, to play games.


So why get a membership? With a membership for just £5 you get full access to the societies board game collection, and the ability to borrow any of our games with just a deposit. (All games listed on our other page) .In addition to our board game collection, with a membership, you are also invited to all of the events we put on at a discounted rate up to a 100% discount at participating events


Over the following year, we have many events planned, these range from playing the exclusive social deduction game ‘Blood on the Clocktower’, running Magic: The Gathering Booster pack Tournaments with the opportunity to keep the cards after the event, to helping you keep up to date on release and pre-leases of new card packs and trying out and testing new board games, we are also hoping to hold many competitive events with prizes and escape rooms over the academic year.