Board and Card Gaming


Are you interested in board games? Magic: The Gathering? Pokémon? Yu-Gi-Oh? Or any other TCG.

Then we are the society for you.



Covering everything from board games to collectable card games, the Board and Card Gaming Society offers two meetings a week. Where gamers can come together to socialise and more importantly, to play games.

We are hoping to have as many of our meeting in person however we will be doing many online game events which we will run for free on Tabletopia (A free game on steam), we also have access to many of the JackBox party games which we will live stream over discord.

Throughout the year there are additional events such as the Welcome Party, Blood on The Clocktower and our 12-Hour charity Gaming event to participant in. As a society part of D.W.I.G.S (Derby Warhammer, Imagineers and Gaming Societies), the Gaming Society also offers numerous joint events and meets.

Finally, after our repeated successes at Nationals (The National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships), we will be entering once again. Offering members, the chance to compete against other universities in a wide selection of games.


So, with no experience necessary, everyone is welcome whether a new, casual or experienced gamer. If you sound interested, have any questions or what the latest updates, check out our social media sites.

Also, check out the playlist of some of games and events and our Other Page for our games available.