Welcome to the page of The Islamic Society!

What is this page/society?

The Islamic Society is a peaceful society that will give you a better understanding on what the faith of Islam is. The society will also discuss various topics on certain things that are going on within this day and age, whether good or bad, the Islamic Society will do their best in order for people to increase their knowledge and have a better understanding on what Islam is, different practices in Islam and what it means to be a muslim and following this beautiful religion.

Events will also be held so everyone can have an enjoyable experience with taking part in activities that are organised by the society committee and, most importantly, coming together and uniting as one! Events will be held such as charity events, talks/lectures, Q&A sessions and many more.

If you would like to learn more and have a better understanding of what Islam is, then please feel free to join and we hope to see you at our next event!

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