Welcome to our K-Pop society!

Do you like K-Pop or K-Culture or just want to make new friends? 

In our society, we welcome everyone. Even if you’re not a huge Kpop fan! 

For the year we have planned out various activities, from  doing Kpop dance covers every Friday to social meet-ups every Wednesday, which include cooking, playing games, movie nights, trips and many more. 

We are also hoping to take part in the KPOP University Nationals in the future, where 17+ universities across UK compete in dance and vocal categories. 

If you want to find a place where you can forget the worries of life for a moment, or if you want to be able to talk about your faves with people that like the same things as you do, or even if you just want to dance and listen to your favourite music, this is your place!

We just wanna dance, enjoy some delicious food, sing our hearts out, make new friends and have a good time!

Come join us!

- K-POP Society